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Aug 18 14

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by High Peak Kyokushin Karate





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Mar 19 14

First IKKU Club Competition – 17th March 2014

by Senpai Pete

On Monday 17th March High Peak Kyokushin Karate held a small club tournament. The idea was to give junior students some experience of a competition atmosphere and encourage them to take part in future inter-club events. Sixteen students competed in two categories of fighting and of these ten individuals had never even seen, let alone competed in a karate tournament. In this respect the event was a huge success, with all entrants now keen to continue and  move on to bigger things. Valuable experience was gained and Senpai Pete will be coaching students to improve on their individual skills based on the evening’s performance.  

Two type of fighting are used in Kyokushin – “Clicker” or points scoring techniques, and “Knockdown” or more accurately “Semi-contact” for juniors. Categories were created to enable students of all ages to compete in both types of kumite. Senpai Pete was supported by Adam Tkacz and Senpai John Stent for clicker refereeing and then Adam Tkacz, Senpai John, Rene Bailey and Conor Barry for the Semi-contact part of the event. Timekeeping and first aid were managed by Senpai Kathryn Appleton and Caroline Bullas.

Results were as follows :


Category 1:  1st  Jack Wildash          2nd  Oliver Howard
Category 2   1st  Finlay Surgey         2nd  Harrison Surgey     3rd  Sam Wildash
Category 3   1st  Robert Sulley         2nd  Archie Neville         3rd  John Hitchcock
Category 4   1st  Esme Bumby         2nd  Sophie Bailey         3rd  Abbie Wayte
Category 5   1st  Sean Bullas           2nd  Zack Hooper


Category 1  1st  Jack Wildash         2nd  Oliver Howard        
Category 2  1st  Harrison Surgey    2nd  Amelie Wayte         3rd  William Howard
Category 3  1st  Archie Neville        2nd  John Hitchcock
Category 4  1st  Sean Bullas           2nd  Zach Hooper
Most Spirited Fighter :    Benji Wibberley

The standard was very good given the experience level of the majority of entrants and indeed some of the younger students show great potential for the future. Every student who entered went away with at least one trophy.

The event was well supported by parents and friends of the students who provided a raffle and refreshments and the event was unanimously declared a very enjoyable evening by all who attended. More events will be arranged later in the year.

Jan 5 14

Winter Waterfall Training 2014

by Senpai Pete

On 4th January 5 members of High Peak made the 8 hour, 350 mile round trip to South Wales to train under the legendary Scwd-yr-Eira waterfall and take part in a 30 year old Kyokushin tradition.


Founded in Japan, the idea of training outside in extreme conditions in the winter, and particularly Waterfall training, is designed to focus your mind and provoke motivation and enthusiasm for your training. Whatever the reason you go, it is an incredible and unique way to start to the year.  High Peak has attended for several years and this year saw Senpai Pete Appleton, Adam Tkacz and Chris Challoner repeating the experience, and Rene Bailey attending for the first time, together with Senpai Matt Hubber who trains with us regularly.








This year was an “open” event, organised and attended primarily by the three new IKKU clubs but also by several members from two other karate styles, a Kung Fu, and a Tae Kwon Do organisation. Everyone commented on the friendly atmosphere and how all newcomers were made to feel most welcome.

waterfall10 waterfall9 waterfall11

We met at the Lamb Inn, Penderyn, and after a safety briefing set off into the national park jogging in pairs. After 20 minutes or so we formed up into lines along the hillside. There we performed Kihon, executing over 600 punches and a large number of kicks, primarily to keep warm ! We then continued a bit further into the valley and lined up again.

For me this was one of the highlights of the day.  We performed Chudan Tsuki to a slow count and after each punch the Kiai echoed off first one, then two , then a third mountain. The effect is amazing and quite awe inspiring. There were 21 of us that day. Imagine the power if we had 40 people, 60 people, 100 people even – that’s the target for next year!

waterfall3   waterfall2 waterfall13

Finally of course we got to our objective. The falls were in full flow after all the recent rain and flooding and an incredible sight. We stripped off our shoes and Gi tops and moved behind the falls to the other side of the river where we performed yet more kihon, soaked by the freezing spray from the mighty falls. Then we moved back behind the falls and , in grade order, stepped under the torrent and executed our punches – 10 for white belts, 20 for blue, etc while held securely by Senpai Terry or Senpai Phil.

The black belts went last and each performed a minimum of 50 punches. The feeling is almost indescribable – you push yourself to the absolute limit of staying focussed and when you step back it takes quite a few seconds for you to come around.  While under the falls it is hard to breath as the freezing water fills your lungs and you cannot think of anything except your techniques.  Once you come out,  everything seems really warm !

waterfall8  waterfall6 waterfall5 waterfall4

Getting dressed with frozen hands was an issue for some, and indeed while most walked away proud and excited, there was some staggering and even one crawling away on all fours. Once we were all ready, we had a slow jog back to the pub, chatting and making new friends and plans for the year and then a well earned drink to finish that day off.

Really well done to all that attended and let’s make it a terrific year for the club and maybe a record turnout at the Waterfall next year.


A brilliant way to start the year!

A brilliant way to start the year!